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For Patients/Clients:


Please fill out and bring the following forms to your appointment to expedite processing:

Former Patients

As Dr. Stark has retired from his surgical practice, he is no longer providing direct patient care.  If requesting medical records, please send a formal signed request with the address of where the records are to be sent.  If requesting a referral please contact the office by phone or e-mail.


For any further questions about your visit, please feel free to contact us at 612.332.2324 or

Hypothetical Letter

For Attorneys:

After requesting an independent medical evaluation from Dr. Stark, please provide a hypothetical letter with pertinent questions to be answered. Please include the date of injury, especially in circumstances of complex and multiple injuries.


It is essential for our clinic to have as much information as possible; please provide all relevant medical records, surgical reports, and all x-ray and/or MRI films (err on the side of completeness). The records should be received at least 2 weeks prior to the appointment.  They may either be brought or sent to the office:

John G. Stark, M.D., P.A.
Medical Arts Building 825 Nicollet Mall, Suite 700
Minneapolis, MN 55402

Records may also be faxed to our office at 612.332.1019. 

We are happy to assist in obtaining difficult to acquire records. We highly prefer electronic records; if paper records are received, a conversion fee is necessary. For any questions please contact us at 612.332.2324 or


Our reports contain a detailed summary of the available medical and imaging records​ provided, a history of the injury as obtained from the patient, and the findings of the physical exam by Dr. Stark.  Dr. Stark will then consider the diagnosis and discuss the related complexities.  Finally, Dr. Stark will answer any specific questions posed to a reasonable degree of medical certainty.  The more extensive the records, the more time the reports take to process. If a required report is time sensitive, rush processing is available.


We are happy to have an introductory phone call or to answer any questions for Dr. Stark, please feel free to contact us.

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