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His reports come highly recommended from attorneys throughout the state of MN. Dr. Stark's insight can be invaluable in establishing an accurate diagnosis and deciphering difficult cases with extensive medical records. 

Why would I need a report from Dr. Stark?

Yes, Dr. Stark has experience with both plaintiff and defendant IMEs.  He provides unbiased opinions and is only interested in finding the truth for clients.

Does Dr. Stark do both plaintiff and defense IMEs?

Dr. Stark's reports can help with any case that involves an orthopedic injury or problem.  This includes but is not limited to personal injury, malpractice, and worker's comp.

What types of questions does Dr. Stark answer?

Dr. Stark extensive trauma background has worked in almost every area of orthopedics, he is able to assess injuries of the hands, shoulders, knees, ankles, feet, spine, hips, arms, legs etc.

In what area of orthopedics does Dr. Stark speicalize?

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