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About the Staff

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Dr. John G. Stark is a a board certified orthopedic surgeon with 37 years of experience.  His extensive treatment of orthopedic trauma, joint degeneration, reconstruction, and low back salvage create a unique skill set that he utilizes as a basis for effective independent medical evaluations.

He carefully studies mechanisms of injury, injury patterns, diagnoses of others, underlying disease processes, imaging and previous treatment. This data, combined with a cautious physical exam of his own, help shed light on difficult cases.  Dr. Stark has retired from his surgical practice but is still a lecturer and surgical instructor on the sacroiliac joint in Europe. An up-to-date CV is available for review in the link below.

Dr. Stark

Betty Fuentes is the office adiminstrator of Dr. Stark's practice and has been for 13 years.  Betty has 25 years experience as a medical office administrator.  To reach Betty directly for any questions about the office, please contact at


Betty Fuentes

Abner Fuentes has been working with Dr. Stark for the last 10 years.  He is lead editor for the medical evaluations, as well as doing graphic design and  IT for the office.  He has coauthored a paper with Dr. Stark on the sacroiliac joint.  To reach Abner directly, please contact him at

Abner Fuentes

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